About Us



When you think about IVY we hope unparalleled homemade food products comes to mind.




To be a leading provider of quality delicious homemade foods in Egypt and impeccable customer service by offering a versatile and flexible service with consistency and presentation that will leave a lasting Impression.





By providing an impeccable quality delicious homemade foods and a passionate team, IVY deliver a friendly and professional experience that brings our customers.





         1-      Kunafa Plain


  • Kunafa Smooth
  • Kunafa Rough
  • Kunafa Mix – Smooth & Rough
  • Kunafa Twined

2-          Kunafa With Flavor

  • Kunafa Chocolate
  • Kunafa Strawberry
  • Kunafa Orange
  • Kunafa Vanilla
  • Kunafa Almond
  • Kunafa Mango
  • Kunafa Banana
  • Kunafa Milk
  • Kunafa Cinnamon
  • Kunafa Coconut
  • Kunafa Red Velvet





  • Qatayef Normal
  • Qatayef Birds


4- Bread

Bread Markouk